Thursday, February 11, 2010

How To Know How Long Ive Had Chlamydia I Wanted To Know How Long Do You Have To Have Chlamydia Before It Damage Your Fallopian Tubes And Ovaries.?

I wanted to know how long do you have to have chlamydia before it damage your fallopian tubes and ovaries.? - how to know how long ive had chlamydia

I had chlamydia, since January, so thats 6 months, but I was treated 3 times I infected sexually transmitted diseases, there was my friend and he does not (but now processed) know in any case if you for an extended period across the fallopian tubes and damage they cause can not have children, and I wondered how long it takes until the disease to do something


Helpneed... said...

I do not know if there is a way to determine how long it takes to do "damage" but one thing is sure - not having sex with him until you get a clear message from the doctor that he does not. They only infect you, and that's not a good thing.

Do you already have a long series of antibiotics? Before having sex, make sure it is allowed by your doctor. You want to make sure it is 100% both before sex.

If this is the first time that I do have an STD, and what I and suggested, make sure you do not become infected, I would say the chances high that you suffer no lady PermanentGE. But you really need to be careful in the future. They are very good, which can lead to infertility (like many adults, and now is pointed out that we can not conceive children, of course). When in doubt, use condoms. Not worth the risk.

Good luck to you. 100%, K?

Pussycat said...

std have scars on the inside, so that scar tissue to accumulate. cause problems starts when you receive it. when catching a disease from the body will naturally try to fight it. so that the body tries to more than scar tissue, that you fight, and more problems in the long run.
Condition is called endometriosis. ...

Princess Toadstoolie said...

Um, Pussycat ... Endometriosis is not a sexually transmitted disease. Sheesh.

flyingbu... said...

It's just great. Did you try and not wait for the bridegroom, means you are receiving treatment before having sex with him! They have more problems than just an STD. Waiting for marriage before having sex> This Is Why preach the gospel!

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